Hi! My name is Mikayla Van Dervoort. I am a freshman here at the University of Oklahoma and I am super excited to get out into the world. I am originally from New York in a tiny town called Westtown in Minisink. I am a biology major, a cat person, a lover of spontaneous singing, my favorite color is blue, I have two sisters (an older one named Cassidy who also attends OU and a younger one named Madison), I am obsessed with books and anything to do with Star Wars, musicals and superheroes. During my time here at OU I do not know which countries I wish to visit — hopefully somewhere in the UK at least — but I do know that wherever I end up, I will be getting real life experience that most people only dream of. I am so very lucky to have this opportunity and I am so excited to see where it takes me. I hope you are too. #BoomerSooner

Mikayla Van Dervoort

University of Oklahoma | Class of 2020

Biology Pre-PA Major | Spanish Minor

Global Engagement Fellow

ΑΦΩ Pledge Class Historian


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