Freshman Year Updates

Updates on Future Travels

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to study abroad this summer. I have been looking into the Journey to Tanzania trip and it was not the actual program fees that were the issue, but the fees for the classes that I would be getting credits for. That program is six credits and with my out-of-state tuition, let’s just say it was a touch expensive. I will have to sit this summer out and just work during the summer instead.

Although I was looking forward to Tanzania, I may have to search for another choice because I am not sure if the college will repeat this program next summer. And another thing to add to this ever-increasing list to take note of is that because I am now a biology pre-PA major, I have a lot of requisites that I must complete before the end of my four year under-graduate career. Looking into programs that will allow me to get the requisites that I need for this major is hard enough, but to find times that I can support myself while taking part in the programs is even more fun (that is sarcastic, by the way). This is the major theme that I am trying to get at with this post — studying abroad is not as easy as everyone makes it sound. It takes time, compromise and a lot of patience. A lot of thought has to be put into whatever program you choose because although studying abroad in a country like Tanzania would be super amazing, you have to make sure that you are getting classes that you need out of it too. So if there are any pre-med, PA, nursing or whatever students reading this right now, it is going to be especially hard for you to find the time in your schedule and a program for you, but once you put in work it will be worth it. There is only so little time for us in under-grad to study abroad and we might as well make it count.

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