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WLT or International Film Club?

I have a busy schedule: next semester I am taking 15 hours (spanish, intro bio, chemistry with a lab and calc) and I work at least 16 hours a week because I am part of the work study program. Work study means that by the end of the year, I will have worked enough hours to pay off all of my room and board, which is wonderful — do not get me wrong — but it leaves me really busy. I am by no means complaining because work is something that makes college worth even more to me, however it does make it hard to fit things into my schedule.

A few other fellows have started an International Film Club that meets about once a month and there is food and refreshments and a nice discussion that follows. This semester they met on Thursdays around 8 or 9, but the problem for me is that I work on Thursdays from 8 pm to 12:30 pm. I would really love to be able to attend this club — after all, my friends are the ones that founded it — but if it just is not a possibility next semester then I plan on attending the World Literature Today program. This is a book club of sorts except all that is read are books written by authors from other countries (Shocker! I know). I have always had an affinity for reading and I would still love to partake in this club because I would be exposed to other cultures through the vibrant writings of people who actually have seen the countries they are writing about first hand. Although it is not my first choice, it would still be a great opportunity to become a little more globally engaged if I do not have free time for the International Film Club.

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