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Journey Program Launch Party

A few weeks ago I attended the launch party for the journey programs at Farzaneh Hall (the international studies building, for those who do not know). I had planned to apply for the Journey to Tanzania program for this upcoming summer, however I do not think that I will be able to go anymore, but I am saving this discussion for a different post.

All of the professors and Shanna Vincent, the program coordinator, were all super amazing and nice. There were four different programs that they discussed: Journey to Tanzania, Brazil, Italy and China. Each professor took a turn to explain what each program entailed and then the group of students in attendance broke up into sections around Farzaneh so they could speak with the professors who were heading each program individually. I stayed with the professors who were part of the Tanzania program and they were wonderfully informative and explained any questions that I had. The Tanzania program last year consisted of flying into Arusha and staying at a UN charter campus for three to four days where a few Swahili lessons would be taught and then each student was assigned to a home-stay for 8 to 10 days. Next they traveled to Zanzibar for a few days, then to Dar Es Salaam for three to four days and then back to Arusha for one night. Finally they stayed in a hotel outside of N’Gorongoro crater where they went on a little safari.

All of it sounded so amazing and something that was so far away, and it is almost unbelievable to me that I could possibly be part of it someday. And although I doubt that those professors remember me, despite my badgering questions, I hope that they know that they really did interest me and get my attention even though I may not be able to attend this summer.

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